Articulated Dump Truck Training

Articulated Dump Truck

Our CPCS articulated dump truck training is especially popular with those looking to work on large scale construction sites or quarries. We always recommend that candidates opt for the B Endorsement which covers the operator to drive any size of machine. 

The Novice course duration for a rear tip articulated dump truck is 1 week (5 days).  CPCS theory test questions and CPCS practical test specification can be found on our CPCS page. For the next available course date please see the training schedule or contact us


Some of the skills you will acquire during your course:

  • Complete Pre-start and running checks.
  • Set machine for road and site travel.
  • Travel on rough terrain, slopes and hills laden and unladen.
  • Operate safely in confined spaces.
  • Position machine correctly to receive loads.
  • Transport and dump loads safely.
  • Shutdown and secure machine.
  • Understand loading and unloading the truck for transport.

About Articulated Dump Trucks

An Articulated dump truck is a vehicle used for receiving, transporting and dumping loads on major construction sites. Applications include road and dam construction, sand and gravel pits, mines, rock quarries, tunnel construction and landfill sites. It’s normally a wheeled machine comprised of a cab for the operator and a rear tipping body for materials. Also referred to as the tractor and trailer. Articulated dumpers will usually have a mechanical drive system and hydraulically operated steering and tipping. The term articulated is used as the vehicle steers by pivoting on an articulation point behind the cab instead of the wheels turning. Articulated dump trucks can come with a number of useful features such as exhaust braking or a ‘retarder’ which saves the service brakes by restricting the exhaust gases from escaping and lowering engine speed. The machines drive-train is a very important part of the vehicle which can be configured in a number of different ways to give all-wheel drive and differential locking axles. Some articulated dumpers can have a heated skip which redirects the exhaust gases through the hollow tipping body to prevent materials from sticking when tipping.  

Basic Articulated Dump Truck Components

Components of an Articulated Rear Tip Dump Truck

Articulated Dump Truck Components